Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

To establish ourselves as a leading college of nursing and an international nursing center by spearheading the advancement of nursing knowledge and professional development.
To nurture outstanding nursing professionals and leaders with scientific and humanistic qualities, innovative abilities and international perspective

《Core Competencies》
Critical thinking, independent learning, professional excellence, innovative leadership, and international perspective
《Objectives and Goals》
Cultivate excellent professional nursing talents with scientific spirit and humanistic qualities
Nurturing nursing leaders and researchers through master’s and doctoral degree programs
Support the continuing education of nursing professionals through in-service continuing education programs
To facilitate the development of a supportive environment for research and to encourage the development of a research-oriented culture
Actively participate in research to expand the professional knowledge of nursing and develop localized nursing concepts
Utilize research results to improve nursing practice and innovate nursing teaching.
Provide professional services to promote public health
Participate in professional organizations and promote various activities
Participate in the development of healthcare and education related policies
《Future Developments》
In the future development of the School, we endeavor to achieve the following objectives:
Establish a teamwork-based, friendly and supportive environment to improve administrative effectiveness
Foster a holistic learning environment, realize quality teaching and learning, and increase the depth and diversity of professional development
Expand inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration in teaching and research to become a top-notch institution of nursing education and research in Taiwan
Promote international exchange and cooperation among faculty and students, as well as establish substantial and long-term international academic interactions, in order to enhance the international visibility of the School, to become an international center of nursing education and academic excellence, and to move toward becoming a top-tier international university.