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Department of  Nursing

Bachelor’s , Master’s, and Doctoral degrees


 [Educational Objectives]
Cultivate nursing professionals with scientific spirit, humanistic qualities, creativity and international perspective.

 [Essential Literacy]

  1. Caring and Respect
  2. Communication and Critical Thinking
  3. Teamwork and Dedication
  4. Ethics and Humanities

[Core Competencies]

  1. The capacity to think and realize creativity in a variety of ways.
  2. The capacity for self-reflection and lifelong learning.
  3. The capacity to coordinate and maintain care (person-centered, family-centered, and community-oriented).
  4. The capacity for teamwork.
  5. Global perspective and cross-cultural care-giving skills.
  6. The critical thinking capacity for technological growth and environmental sustainability.

Educational Objectives and Strategies

  1. Through the cultivation of humanistic literacy, promote students’ compassion and strengthen the notion of humanistic caring.
  2. Develop an appreciation for ethics, compassion, and the art of life.
  3. Develop abilities in problem solving, critical thinking, and evidence-based care.
  4. By virtue of the internship’s excellent design, students will be able to gain the capacity to coordinate academic and clinical treatment.
  5. Utilize cooperation to deliver integrated care for people, families, and communities.
  6. Through international interaction, we widen students’ perspectives and increase their appreciation for various cultures.

Bachelor’s Degrees


Master’s Degrees


Doctoral Degree(PhD)

In addition to providing clinical care in medical institutions, graduates may also serve as health education teachers at all levels or as military nursing teachers in high school. Alternatively, they may enter graduate school to pursue master’s or doctoral degrees in nursing, biotechnology, public health, and the social and behavioral sciences. In addition, they may work in clinical trials, health programs, the development or implementation of health policies, and relevant research, as well as in businesses related to health care materials, health communication, and health insurance.

[Bachelor’s Program]
Students who have completed or graduated from domestic secondary schools,  or those who meet the criteria for admission to bachelor’s degree classes under the “ENStandards for Recognition of Equivalent Qualifications for University Entrance Examination” regulations

[In-service Master’s Program]
The following conditions must be met as prerequisites:
  1. Graduated from a university with a bachelor’s degree in nursing or a related discipline
  2. Licensed as a nurse practitioner
  3. Employed on a nursing staff and possessing at least one year of practical experience in a health care institution (e.g., hospital, health clinic, long-term care institution)

[Doctoral Program]
  1. Master’s degree in nursing-related field (including recent graduates)
  2. Licensed as a nurse practitioner
  3. At least two years of clinical, administrative, or teaching experience in nursing

Department of Nursing honored as outstanding alumni

School-Level Outstanding Alumni
Name Graduation Degree Position Exemplary Accomplishments
Zeng Huiming Bachelor’s Degree Professor and Deputy Head, Department of Nursing, University of Michigan
  1. Part of the first cohort of the University Department, obtained a postdoctoral degree in Nursing from the University of Michigan, and returned to China to teach at Daren and Evergreen University as the department head.
  2. Rejoined the University of Michigan as a Professor and Deputy Dean of the Department of Nursing. His academic and research achievements are outstanding, earning him numerous accolades in the American nursing field.
103 Zhang Liyin Doctoral Degree Deputy Director of Nursing Department, Taichung Veterans General Hospital Has contributed 32 years to nursing clinical service, significantly advancing clinical services and nursing administration.
105 Shen Qingqing Bachelor’s Degree Nursing Superintendent, Taipei Veterans General Hospital
  1. Innovated several childcare and management systems, enhancing care quality and management efficiency, including establishing diverse and creative childcare models and therapeutic environments for children.
  2. Founded the domestic children's palliative care model, conducted on-site consolations in children's wards, promoted children's palliative care concepts, and attracted international educational groups for learning. Was recognized by Ms. Zhou Meiqing and assisted in hosting the wife of the President of Haiti during her visit, contributing significantly to the field.
106 Yang Huiru Doctoral Degree Nurse, Anesthesia Department, Taipei Veterans General Hospital Since 2000, has volunteered as the Taiwan national representative of the International Anesthesia Nursing Alliance and served as the sole executive member from Asia. Was elected as the first Vice Chairman from 2010 to 2012, dedicating to medical organization exchanges between Taiwan and other countries.
111 Chen Guimei Bachelor’s Degree Hsinchu Rongjia Director Awarded as the second outstanding alumnus of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University.

College-Level Outstanding Alumni
Name Graduation Degree Position Exemplary Accomplishments
99 Ni Songhui Bachelor's degree Institute of Clinical Nursing Director of Community Outreach Department, Hualien Liming Reformatory Commended for dedication to the care of the demented elderly and long-term care, significantly benefiting and improving care in the Huadong area.
100 Chen Yingying Bachelor's degreee Nursing Director and Infection Control Office Team Leader, Nursing Department, Taipei Veterans General Hospital Serves as the head nurse and team leader of the Infection Control Office, adjunct assistant professor at the School of Nursing, National Yang Ming University.
100 Huang Yanfang Bachelor’s Degree Deputy Director of the Third Group, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Health Highly commended for efforts in promoting health policies related to disease control.
101 Chen Shuli Bachelor’s Degree Vice Provost, South College, Tennessee, USA Recognized for outstanding contributions to nursing education.
101 Wu Cuie Bachelor’s Degree Vice President, Cancer Hope Foundation Dedicated to supporting cancer patients and their families, receiving deep commendation.
105 Yang Huiru Doctoral Degree Nurse, Anesthesia Department, Taipei Veterans General Hospital Served as the Taiwan national representative of the International Anesthesia Nursing Union, the only education committee member in Asia since 2006, an administrative member since 2007, and first deputy director from 2010 to 2012, committed to international medical cooperation.
105 Feng Ruiying Bachelor’s Degree Professor, Department of Nursing and Institute of Health Care Sciences, National Cheng Kung University Focused on child abuse research, advocacy for children's rights and health, instrumental in establishing child protection groups in medical institutions. Developed the "Child Abuse Report Intention Scale," widely used globally.
106 Sun Xiuqing Bachelor’s Degree Professor, Department of Nursing, National Taiwan University Long-term research on cancer-related fatigue care, conducted a national survey on fatigue in Taiwan, and developed domestic fatigue care guidelines, enhancing clinical care.
106 Dai Hongda Doctoral Degree Director of Nursing Department of Taipei Veterans General Hospital Previously served as the head nurse and nursing supervisor, shared experiences on male nursing across Greater China, inspiring role model for men in nursing.
106 Cai Rongmei Doctoral Degree Director of Nursing Department, Taipei Veterans General Hospital Long-term dedication to nursing, active in health policy and nursing academia, efforts in improving postpartum nursing home quality, and promoting evidence-based healthcare.
107 Liu Shufen Bachelor’s Degree Deputy Director, Department of Nursing, Taipei Medical University Served as a representative of the National Health Insurance Covering Medical Expenses Hospital Amount Discussion Conference, as a member of the Hospital Evaluation and Teaching Hospital Evaluation and Nursing Group of the Department of Health (Ministry of Health and Welfare) of the Executive Yuan (since 2005), and as a member of the Health and Medical Administration Supervision Committee of New Taipei City , Taipei City Health Examination Quality Counseling Committee for the Elderly, Member of the Labor Dispute Arbitration Committee of the Ministry of Labor, a member of the National Health Department-Smoke-free Hospital Evaluation Committee, currently an executive director of the Taipei Nurses Association, and a supervisor of the Private Medical Institute Nursing Association , Member of the Health Insurance Group of the National Federation of Nurses and Nurses Association" and the Deputy Director of the Nursing Career Guidance Committee, etc.

Department-Level Outstanding Alumni
Name Graduation Degree Position Exemplary Accomplishments
103 Chen Yiru Bachelor’s Degree Professor, Department of Nursing, Yangming University Specializes in elderly care, health promotion, and community care. Served as the head of the Department of Nursing, demonstrating outstanding performance.
103 Wu Huashan Doctoral Degree Associate Professor and Head of Department of Nursing, Asia University Expertise in thoracic care, long-term elderly care, and dementia. Achieved fruitful research outcomes in these areas.
103 Yin Yin Doctoral Degree Deputy Director of Nursing Department, Tri-Service General Hospital Recognized for excellence in clinical care and administrative management.
104 Huang Qiaowen Bachelor’s Degree National Health Service, Cancer Prevention Unit Actively promoted national cancer prevention and control initiatives and successfully hosted the Taiwan Global Health Forum.
104 Angie Lai Bachelor’s Degree Chief, International Cooperation Section, CDC Significant contributions to disease control and public health, with active participation in international health cooperation activities.
104 Cai Yiwen Bachelor’s Degree Director, Institute of Health and Welfare Policy, Yangming University Specializes in economic analysis related to health or healthcare policy, healthcare supply and demand, health insurance, healthcare market contracting behaviors, and economic benefit analysis. Notable achievements in public health academia.
104 Qi Zhenci Bachelor’s Degree Chief Nursing Supervisor, Nursing Department, Taipei Veterans General Hospital Dedicated to clinical nursing and education, skilled in management, and a strong advocate for the concept of palliative care.
107 Liu Shufen Bachelor’s Degree Bachelor’s Degree
Deputy Director, Department of Nursing, Taipei Medical University; Director, Nursing Department, Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital (affiliated with Taipei Medical University)
Served in multiple esteemed roles including representative at the National Health Insurance Coverage Discussion Conference, member of various health evaluation and oversight committees, executive director of the Taipei Nurses Association, and supervisor at the Private Medical Institute Nursing Association. Actively involved in numerous committees focused on health care quality, labor dispute arbitration, and smoke-free hospital evaluation.

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