Professor Shuh-Jen Sheu

  • Name
    Sheu, Shuh-Jen

    Professor, Institute of Community Health Care

    Contact information
    Office:Nursing Building Room 404 
    Contact number:02-28267271

    Research focus and Specialty
    • Psychiatric mental health nursing
    • Geriatric nursing
    • Family caregiving
    • Bioethics and nursing ethics
    • Nursing education/hermeneutic pedagogy
    • Qualitative Research: Phenomenology and Grounded Theory
  • Educational background
    • 1993/9-1997/6  Nursing, Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco
    • 1992/9-1993/7  Gerontological Nursing, special studyUniversity of California, San Francisco
    • 1990/9-1992/8  Psychiatric Mental-Health Nursing, M.S., University of Wisconsin, Madison.
    • 1980/9-1984/7  Nursing, B.N., National Defense Medical Center, R.O.C.
    Current Employment
    • National Yang-Ming University
      The Institute of Community Health Care, Professor

    Past Employment
    • 2021/2/1-2021/7/31  International Affairs Office, Deputy International Affairs, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
    • 2018/06-2018/07  Ethox Center, Medical Department, Academic Visitor, Oxford University
    • 2014/08-2015/07  School of Nursing, Professor, National Yang-Ming University
    • 2006/02-2014/08  School of Nursing, Associate Professor, National Yang-Ming University
    • 2004/08-2005/07  School of Nursing, Clinical Care Intership Officer, National Yang-Ming University
    • 1997/08-2006/02  School of Nursing, Assistant Professor, National Yang-Ming University