Full-Time Professors

Associate Professor Shu-He Huang

  • Name
    Shu-He Huang

    Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing

    Contact information
    Office:Nursing Building
     Room 503
    Contact number:02-28267227

    Research focus and Specialty
    • Certificate Joanna Briggs Institute CSRTP Programme certificate
    • Certificate Joanna Briggs Institute CSRTP Train-The-Trainer Programme certificate
    • JBI EBCFP Programme certificate
    • JBI EBCFP Programme Train-The-Trainer Programme certificate
    • Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical-Surgiacal Nursing Care, Nursing Research
    • Maternal-Neonatal Nursing Care, Infertility Nursing Care
    • Hospice Palliative Nursing
  • Educational background
    • PhD, Doctor of Nursing, National Yang Ming University, ROC 
    • Master, Institute of Nursing, Taipei Medical College, ROC 
    • Bachelor, Department of Nursing, National Yang Ming Medical College, ROC 
    Current Employment
    • Assistant Professor, Nursing, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
    Past Employment
    • 2015/08/01 - 2021/01/31  Assistant Professor, Nursing, National Yang-Ming University
    • 2018/08/01 - 2020/01/31  Deputy Department Chair, Nursing, National Yang-Ming University
    • 2012/12/18 - 2014/07/31  Adjunct Supervisor, Nursing, National Yang-Ming University Hospital 
    • 2002/03/17 - 2006/09/26  Lecturer, Nursing, National Yang-Ming University
    • 2001/03/10 - 2002/03/16  Case Manager, Hospice ward, Taipei Veterans General Hospital 
    • 1994/06/21 - 2002/03/17  Nursing, Registered Nurse, Taipei Veterans General Hospital